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Małgorzata Domżalska – Sivananda Yoga Teacher, Mindufulness Instructor, SoundHealing Practitioner and Explorer, Traveler, Women, Mistic

Before yoga, there was theatre, I felt that it was so large that I could discover, express, say everything I meant :)???? Cultural studies, anthropology led me to shamanism. I have always been particularly fascinated by movement and body, what is primal, instinctive, authentic, how what is inside manifests itself outside and from exactly it flows.

When yoga came along, I didn’t understand it, and I treated my body more as a tool to use than as a power, life-flow supply. Adventure with yoga, passion, developed slowly. I felt that I had entered into a process of transformation that yoga brings with me, started exploring, practicing, everything started to work better, and I was starting to feel great. It turned out: Yes, Yoga works!

Małgorzata Domżalska

Yoga is an ancient technology of workings with body – soul, with consideration of every aspect connected in Unity of Life.

Yoga is listening in life strem that is inside me, you, around. Yoga is an art of transformations, activation, balancing and comunication.

Yoga is about going into myself, about knowing how I work?, what does my body need?, what direction does my soul want to take? to feel Connection, Cohesion, Harmony, Joy, Balance, Peace.

Every time I go to the mat, I remember something very important to me, recover, integrate, some part of myself, my body, who I am, immerse myself in Presence.

Being here and now, in conection of body- mind- spirit allows to feel, recive, ground relieved life flow and feel of harmony or sometimes disharmony.

Kolory i dźwięk

I accepted the initiation as a yoga teacher in the Sivananda tradition, it is classic Indian yoga. The first yoga in the West. Beautiful, integral practice, ordered in 12 asanas, the execution of which step by step effectively does what the practice of yoga has to do. In my classes and own practise i bringing more tools, witch i have discover, there is kundalini yoga, vinyasa flow, yin yoga ect. Scenariusz zajęć jest elastyczny, dostosowany do potrzeb uczestników, energii grupy, pory dnia ect. The therapeutic dimension of yoga takes into account everyone regardless of condition and age. More here: Yoga Alchemy.

In Poland – Słupsk, close to Baltic Sea, i creat yoga scholl, cameral healing center, where i have been shareing light of yoga in last years on regular basis – Słupski Dom Jogi

I love music, sound. The music of the universe comes out of silence and returns to it all the time. Music is a window for the Soul. This is the next chapter in what I work with and explore. I play crystal bowls, gongs, and other instruments tuned to natural frequencies. More about sound massage here: SOUND POWER

I cordially invite You to the meet!

Sat Nam

Art for Peace & Love & Harmony