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A message from the water

I would like to draw attention to some scientific discovery, which is of great importance for our daily lives. Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto conducted an interesting experiment, the results of which give an extremely much thought to. The object of interest of the scientist is water and its properties.

Who is Masaru Emoto?
Masaru Emoto was born in Yokohama in 1943. He graduated in international relations from the Faculty of Science and Humanities at the University of Yokohama. He worked for Chisan, then the Chubu Yomiuru Shimbun newspaper, and founded IHM in 1986. In October 1992 he received his ph.D. in alternative medicine from the Open International University. He began to study water puzzles after coming into contact with the U.S. Magnetic Resonance Analyzer.

He is currently conducting research on water in the human body, water in the human environment, water on the earth’s surface. He is the head of the IHM Central Research Institute, director of IHM and president of the International Friends Society of HADO IHM. He published more than a dozen books, and most of them became real bestsellers.

What did Masaru Emoto do?
A few years ago, as a result of his experiments, he discovered that water responds to our thoughts and words and that he can reflect them. Depending on what words were sent towards the water droplet, its crystals after freezing formed into completely different crystalline forms. Interestingly, research has also been conducted in the direction of the impact on water of written words, music and symbolism.

Masaru Emoto’s team performed a number of experiments. The results of these experiences are astonishing, even unbelievable. Water samples subjected to previously positive words or thoughts crystallize much differently (show the extraordinary beauty of forms) from those that have been subjected to negative thinking (they are simply ugly). Water from the same source was influenced by different factors, different types of music, inscriptions of different emotional color were affixed to containers, dishes were placed in different photographs, and after freezing it turned out to be a different crystal image in each case, which confirmed that the water has the property of recording in its structure sounds, images, emotions and emotions. Its revolutionary method of photographing frozen water molecules convinces even many of the greatest skeptics.

I encourage you to conduct an independent experiment that proves to us that our emotions are remembered and played by water. In this experiment, you need to put the boiled rice in two jars. Then every day to one sample say “Thank you”, and to the other “You fool”. We conduct observations for a month. Those who conducted this experiment confirming that the rice to which “Thank you” was said partially fermented and began to give off a pleasant aroma. However, the one to whom “you fool” was said blackened, rotted and gave off an awful odor. I encourage you to experiment, the samples do not have to be large.

The human body consists mostly of water, in men it is about 60% of the weight, so if someone weighs 70 kg, then 42 kg falls on the weight of the water itself, women – 50%, and children as much as 75%; the most watery parts are the lungs – 90% of them consist of water and blood (85% water); skin and brain contain it about 70%, muscles – 75%; even the bones we would not expect to squeeze or droplets, about 22% consist of water.

Water is essential for us for life: it cleanses blood from toxins, supports the work of the kidneys, facilitates digestion, absorption and transport of nutrients, protects joints and internal organs, regulates body temperature, moisturizes the eyes, lungs and skin; on average, we provide the body with about 2 – 3 l of water per day; not only drunk, but also contained in the in fruits and vegetables. It is worth respecting her, loving her remembering her memory and our power!

Here is another video showing everything mentioned above: