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Chacras and Sound

In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means CIRCLE because chakras appear to be spinning balls of energy. The concept of chakras is found in many traditions, most commonly in Tibet and hindu traditions, but their existence has no religious basis, rather it is based on awareness of the existence of Energy. Today, there is a lot of scientific evidence that records and measures their performance.

The chakras are the centers that receive, transform and transfer life energy (prana, chi, qi).

These are peculiar chambers, in which the energy from subtler plans becomes denser, until manifested in the physical body. The imbalance in the body can be read by chakras. Often healers who work with subtle energy can detect, sense disharmony at the chakra level before it manifests itself on a physical level. And restoring balance at the level of chakras cause the disappearance of disharmony, a disease in the body.

There is a feedback loop between the physical body, which is the last, the strongest, and chakras. All structures from the subtlest to the thickest are connected. The frequency shift allows you to create alignment, tuning, balance and flow within ourselves.

There are seven main chacras, below a brief description of each of them:

  1. Muladhara – the base, root, it is located at the base of the spine, symbolizes the element of the Earth. Its domain is gravity and stability, support, solidity, grounding. It is connected to the legs, feet, bone, large intestine. He deals with the formation of energy, the penetration of the earth, the extraction of energy from matter, and the excretion of what is unnecessary. It corresponds to the energy of survival.
  2. Swadhiszthana – own seat, sacred, located about three inches below the cet, is connected with sexual energy, genitalia, its element is Water, and the principle is polarity, movement, flow, affection, zienness, performance, pleasure. The parts of the body responsible for the action of this chakra are: hips, sacrum, abdomen, lower abdomen, inner thighs, knees and joints. Sexual energy is the energy of life.
  3. Manipura – – a light-candlestill, navel, symbolizes agni-tattva(element of fire), its principle is ignition, activation; goal: energy, strength, power, mastery, expediency. The parts of the body with which it is connected are: ribs, adrenal glands, solar plexus, digestive organs. Using movement to generate energy and using poles to generate power, strengthening will through discipline, balancing will and submission.
  4. Anahata – inner sound, located in the heart area and symbolizes the element of air. The principle of this chakra is balance. Properties are: delicacy, openness, expansion, integration, leadership, radiance, joy, protection, support, giving, care, bonding, forgiveness, compassion, love. The organs with which it is connected are: heart, lungs, diaphragm, respiratory system, chest, ribs, shoulder blades.
    The heart is a wonderful link between what is at the bottom and the upstairs, among ourselves and others, masculinity and femininity, mind and body.
  5. Wiśudddha – purification, this chakra lies at the base of the neck, at the height of the throat, its domain is the first of the elements – ether, sound. He is responsible for communication, empathy. The properties of this center are: harmony, creativity, resonance, expression, consistency, fine- tuning, truth. Parts of the body with which it is connected are: neck, throat, shoulders, tongue, mouth, ears, shoulders.
    The vibrations of the soul are expressed in the form of sound. Communication is the process of sending and receiving information, awareness, between receiver and sender, from cells, neurons, human connections, and cosmic connections.
  6. Adźna – the mind, the primordial power of every being, located between the eyebrows, the “third eye”, the domain of this chakra is: Light, principle is: perception, commanding, luminesthe essence, illumination, purpose: insight, guidance, wisdom. It has such properties as: radiance, beauty, peace, concentration, core stability, inner light. The parts of the body with which it is connected are: eyes, forehead, pineal gland. Coordinates mental functions. Is responsible for intuition and mental abilities, visionary, clarity, insight into thinking.
  7. Sahasrara – thousand-flake lotus, consciousness. Located in the head, its organs: the brain, the whole nervous system. The properties of this chakra are: silence, emptiness, presence, intelligence, knowledge, understanding, grace, enlightenment, happiness. The principle of this center is omnipresence, omniscience, sat-chit-ananda (truth, consciousness, bliss). The energy of awakening. Crown.






We record every thought, feeling in the system of our chakras. Our parents are our first “programmer”, then society, culture, really – everything… Your belief system creates or lacks “filters” and directly affects how you see the world. When we evolve in life, it is important to abandon the “old” ideas, what blocks our flow, does not allow us to move forward.

Each of the seven musical tones has a physical aspect and color associated with it and a number of other numerous links, up to planetary tones. The chakra resonates with sound, the body absorbs the transmitted energy. Vibrating resonance combines the exterior with the inner in a literal way. About the impact of sound on matter, more here: O wpływie dźwięku na materię, więcej tu:

Bathing in sound, massage sound opens naturally our energy channels (nadis), it is possible to connect, raise vibrations and tune.

Healing is essentially the art of restoring harmony, it allows us to unite with our essence- super-consciousness, higher self, or whatever you call it. Your superconscious observes and assists every evolutionary growth as a spiritual being, in contrast, but also in addition, your conscious mind is volitional (surrendering to will), and your subconscious mind is habitual (habitual). The goal is to combine all the flows of the mind – connected consciousness – U N I T Y consciousness.
Sound co-creates a healing equation from different directions. It has an emotional effect – which affects neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, hormones, which in effect allows to incorporate into the regulation of the immune system – that is: our inner healer.

When we came here to Earth, our natural state was pure joy. It is our collective, birthright to experience it, as is love, health, harmony, abundance. If we don’t experience it we’re in dissonance, our natural homeostasis is disturbed. In modern civilization, with all its problems, it is very easy to get stuck in negative, low vibrations, where we do not feel the presence of the Soul and the connection with life.

Body cells can actually be in one of two states: growth or protection. Logically, we can only be motivated by fear that causes closure, isolation, or we can cultivate openness, love, compassion, empathy, live in the dimension of transparency, transformation, communication harmony.

The medicine of the future will be vibrating medicine.


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