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Cymatics & Entrainment – universal magic

Cymmatics is a science of acoustic waves. entrainment – means “kidnapping“.

The sound visualization processes were carried out by the aforementioned Pythagoras, also Plato, Heraklit, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo as well as cosmologists Giordano Bruno and Jonathan Kepler, Rudolf Steiner ect…

The term “cymatics” was created by a Swedish doctor, although in fact the renaissance man Hanss Jenny (1904-1972). He was the first to present, describe and photograph how it all works. It impresses not only the visual beauty of cymmatic photography, but an incredibly direct representation of the internal correspondence of sound and matter, the recognition that we too are part of the complex, vibrating trix of the music of spheres.

It’s like the music “kidnaps us.” Sound without asking anything takes matter and dances its shape, gives structure, rhythm and repetition cycles. We call this phenomenon “kidnapping”. entrainment.

It was in Paris in 1666, where Christian Huygens, a Belgian physicist discovered and described the mathematics and mechanics of this phenomenon. He observed that two pendulum pendulums, which were set in motion at different times, at different times, adjust to each other at different times. So there is something in Nature that can be called behavioral correspondence. Entrainment shows an entity’s tendency to synchronous resonance with another entity in response to a dominant frequency. In further study, it turns out that this happens at every level- from molecules, cells, to the whole physical world, the behavior of people, the mood of some social group ect. Molecules resonate with each other to form a combined field of communication, influence, synchronization of behaviors.

hat is the use of Nature? Such a right allows you to simply preserve, maintain energy. This phenomenon exists because less energy takes away work, coexist in conjunction with the environment.

When the heart cells beat close to each other, they change their rhythm so that they pulsate together in perfect sync. Women who stay together have a period at the same time, their menstrual cycle is adjusted. Examples could be multiplied indefinitely. The potential for this phenomenon is enormous. The village is the same: EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED….