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Gather The River ~ a dancing circle of women

For a long time I was thinking what to write about what is happening in the women’s circle.

What is the this space? There are so many words, sounds, feelings in me. I asked the women who attended to share what it was like, here are some descriptions:

The women’s circle is a meeting without gossip, any rivalry, evaluation or valuing better or worse… ugly or pretty. Here we are all different and beautiful at the same time. We meet to learn from each other, to share what is important. A little dance and relaxation:). You come home with a huge amount of positive energy. You and your loved ones are happy. :)



When I first entered the room I saw women sitting in a circle … I joined and looked at each of them: women, girls, young, older, thoughtful, muted or excited … The question arose “what can they look for in the dancing circle of women and what am I looking for at all???” Then they all started talking one by one and the magic started! Any phenomenal, beautiful, wise and with a sense of humor, yet not necessarily recognizing in itself all these qualities. The circle every time made me feel like I was among friends who do not judge, and wholeheartedly support. Each of the women I met there was like a mirror to me and helped me look at myself with approval and love – that was what I was looking for when I came to the circle of women.



I have never participated in the Women’s Circle before, I did not know the idea of such meetings, but
somewher I felt that I should take part in this.
And I wasn’t wrong!!!
For four consecutive fridays among the wonderful women, led by the leader Gosia.
I embarked on a beautiful journey into myself. Be honest with yourself, freed from
and devoid of the armor imposed by the lifestyle, I studied my feminine



In a sisterly atmosphere and with full acceptance, we talked about life,
we shared our experiences. It was very fun, but it was also not without tears,
but most often there was a sincere laugh. I felt that despite the age difference,
social and professional positions, in fact, we are very similar and
we can help each other. During these meetings, I felt feminine unity and strength.
A great experience – pure, good, conscious female energy and a sense of community.



A wonderful time, in a wonderful place, with wonderful people.
A place for every woman, of all ages, with different life experiences, with different stories… A place where every woman can discover her own Self, a place where you can feel your own strength and power, a place where you can see and love yourself.
Women are strong, I am strong. Now I know the importance of being aware of one’s own being, of self-femininity, of the importance of Self-Love.
The Circle of Women has shown me how much we have in common, how many stories connect us, and how we are living everyday life. We have the Power, which flows from our Interior. Sometimes we forget who we are, challeges of life can cover whats beautiful in us. And it was The Circle that allowed me to remind myself of this.
I am very happy that I participated in the Circle, that I was part of something Great. I would very much like the Circle to continue to exist, so that what has started to germinate in me and in other Women can develop further.
* shares / happens Each of us comes and dances, everyone, in embrace, in closeness, with heart, with body…
Femininity – the theme of life… Many stories, transformations,stages. society, norms, stylistics, politics, processes, spirituality.. Abandoning everything… Soft animal body, blood, children, partners, cooking, ironing, ear forething, tattoos, makeup, no makeup, be yourself what it actually means… Without bodice, without abdominal pull, with muscles, with stretch marks, no stiffness, not sleepy, disciplined, relaxed, angry, weeping, present, dreaming, awake, discovered, naked, heavy, convex, flat, each, disappearing, giving birth to a new time, being out of time, accessible, smiling, inaccessible, in the middle, finally, in a break, between lines, tender, tender, reaching deeper than it seemed, lost, I am, neurotic again, well-groomed, knowing that way, and here and now and then and then she was, devoted, defiant, lying, uniting, close, screaming no, returning, cutting off, sewing, baking bread and biscuits, engaged, entering the cave, hidden, making contact, unwashed hair, incalculable, valiant, fulfilled, flowing, burning, looking, furious, sad, black, red, white, gray, paradoxical, bleeding, star,between, variable, as magic sings, the whole creature hears feels, rose, love , death, lily of the day, jasmine, caress, she, he, them, we, you, absurd, unnamed, dead, elusive, pink, embraced, enchanted, very common, vague, transparent as source, tired, obscure, erased,whole, black, red, colorful, white, calming, weathered, hello, I am, you, everyone, no one, again me, eyes, fingers, hands, womb, neck, ears, touches, sews, disarms, heals, my own legs, it’s my left leg, my right leg, connects, nipples, holidays, cladic, rated,simple, ordinary, unnamed, goodbye, crawling , orgasmic, supplanted, found, he & on, off again, on again, I love you everywhere, on the hill, on the edge of the village, in the middle of the city, in the mall, on top,in a mess, okay, on the train, at home, on the river… Water Fire Ocean Tree Stars Force Death Life
THANK YOU THAT YOU ARE – speak to me – I hear your Voice…
If you can not see her you can not know her
If you can not feel her you can not see her
So I feel – said heart
I trust you answered the head
The grass grew by itself
Gardener wasn’t worried about flowers
Breath was velvety
Jaguar rested in the shade of the sun
Moon whispered gently
everyone understood her
Wolves inhabited in the forest
still went on long hikes
played and cared for the young
Those on whom the time came
Those who came
they knew fire and air
Streams murtered
Birds sang
and power was
and solay
Each part
*”For centuries, women have not expressed their true strength. They recognized that the role of women is to subjugate, that they cannot be too strong or too intelligent, because they will lose their men, they must be supportive of the man and take on the role of sacrifice when necessary. The same applies to men: their inner femininity falls prey to masculinity. Women do it too. They victimize their femininity, guided by the power of inner masculinity. This betrayal is clearly shown by dreams. I think today’s women are getting better at knowing who they are. They express their own values, they act in accordance with their needs. They translate the experience of reality into a relationship that takes away their identity, even if the price would be to lose it. I see they value their men. They see human beings and love them for saying , “I love you enough to tell you who I am, and I will not pretend to be someone else. Nor will I live your image of me. I love you enough to be honest. That’s who I am.”
Men tend to design an inner woman for a female partner, so they can’t understand what happens when an outside woman does something that their inner woman wouldn’t do. . It turns out to be a huge shock to them, and they often insist “You’re not like that.” The same applies to the female projection of her inner man on the partner. The projection seems to be something very real. It is real energy. If I project my adoration for a man, that energy is supporting. My energy becomes a backing for him. When I withdraw my projection, he will suddenly have to stand on his own feet, and it can turn out to be terrifying – he will lose not only the image that he seems to love, but also the powerful support that the projections give. Conscious women withdraw projections. It hurts, but it is much healthier. It allows a man to be who he is, a human being seeking himself, just as a woman seeks herself. This opens up a space for true love.
As long as you design your inner image on your partner, you are embroiled in inner narcissism. You love your projections. If you want your unconscious projection to persist, it’s like complancency. And there’s danger of sentimentality. True love, on the other hand, opens the heart to a feeling for someone who is different from you. (…) (…)
In my opinion, sentimentality does not express authentic feelings. Sentimental people ignore their own shadow. They obscure real suffering by self-pity and in that way they not allowed their own development. Or they focus their energy on another person who struggles with real feelings, such as the authentic experience of evil, and because they can’t face it themselves, they regret it and say “poor thing”. They codenscending those who fight to the death for their own integrity. Sentimental people deny suffering. They wrap real pain or anger with a soft woolen duvet that stifles every possibility of transformation, because they are unable to bear the fire, and the real feelings harden in the fire. He who truly feels, feels also conflict and can maintain the opposites until new is born. Sentimentality is afraid of the fire of passion. He takes a sacrificial attitude and pretends to know what evil is.
As Rumi says, the divine lover is cool on fire, dry in the sea. Through love, matter acquires its fulfillment in consciousness. Fire is transformation, and the sea is a creative matrix, not pain and sinking.”
Marion Woodman “Conscious Femininity”.
* Conscious femininity, awakened femininity, wild woman…
You have everything in you. The way. Experiences. That’s who you are.
The body knows how to dance, it always knew. Memory recall. Breath. Listen. Beloved.
Time is favorable
Sometimes you just need to stop
You know
You know
and everything in between
Sail dear
**** ****
*Women can not live
only by her own breath
she knows
voices of mountains
she perseives
infinity of blue sky
swim with
indefinable bodies
women of nights wind
which guide her
inside herself (…)
Joy Hargo-
Małgorzata Donata Domżalska