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“YOGA SHOWS YOU THE WAY” “Yoga will show you the way,”” Swami Vishnudevananda — such words accompanied my practice from the beginning. And so it is to this day. I just wanted to feel good when I actually started getting to know yoga, it was bad.

Spiritual worlds have accompanied me since I was a child, I had many experiences that did not fit within the confines of my commes or my surroundings. I come from a family where contact with God, the Spirit, has always been very important. As a little girl, I’ve always liked the Wind, that you can’t see it with the naked eye, and how it works! Whenever I felt his breath, something indescribable opened up in me, yes! Wind and Space I love to this day…

But to the point: Yoga… Yoga.. Yoga. I treat it very holistically. A lot could be written about the benefits of practicing yoga – and so it was in my case, cured of very severe back pain. It improved the functioning of all muscles, completely reformed the body, strengthened the immune system and other places of the body. Yoga taught me what breathing is, opened up to the intelligence of breath, she embedded my air spirit in the body. It allowed us to really start to function completely differently than before it appeared in my life. Yoga is like brushing your teeth, you have to do it so that there are effects and it’s regular. Anyone who has tried perfectly at least once knows the feeling in the body, in the soul after the practice of yoga. The head that hurt ceases to hurt, the place that could not move suddenly becomes fitter, the space that was missing begins to be, the mind becomes calm, the solutions of the so-called come. “problems”, well-being improves 100%, suddenly everything fits together, it is merged, simple, obvious, and the surge of energy allows you to realize what you wanted to do, but energy was lacking. Yoga is like such a shower from the inside, a stream that takes away what’s unnecessary and makes room for new ones. So! it’s not magic is YOGA 🙂

The transformative value of yoga is invaluable. I myself am an example of this. Over the years, when I am a student of her and i continue teaching others. I have seen the incredible changes people who have experienced it experience. For me, it is still living matter. I am dedicated to discovering the layers of body-spirit-mind connections. The transformation that yoga supports affects every aspect, of all bodies: physical, emotional, mental, to spiritual aspects. With transformations can be different, sometimes they come surprisingly, sometimes by chance (although there are no cases;) sometimes as a result of the order: this is how I want to live differently, to function better. Nevertheless, the aspect of will is important in all this, changes come to us all the time, everything is a constant change, transformation is choice and awareness and awareness of choice. We live on the planet OF FREE WILL, although we forget it so often! Inertiatingly indulging responsibility somewhere outside. Holistic – HOLISTIC – individual and universal approach to MAN is the only way to really achieve anything. And not only about yoga is about medicine, education, science, psychology ect. And the passage of successive thresholds produces a domino effect in the system, whether at the individual level or in more broader meanings.

Yoga means UNION, union, connection but also – yoke. Yoga is a set of principles and practices to impose a “yoke”, the discipline of the body, the mind, the spirit combining them together in UNITY, bonding the personal with the universal, what is mortal with the immortal. It is a path to open up and unite with the Divinity within us. Yoga has always led to higher states of consciousness, in order to obtain transcendence, but also to manifestation and immanence. Being in the same state of consciousness all the time, we block our development, evolution. Every change happens outside the comfort zone. We need to go where we were not, to discover, to reveal potential, to combine our quality, to merge existence in the most integral way. Every practice, like every life, every person, is a deeply individual experience, of course, we are guided by universal laws, blood flows in a certain way, organs position themselves in a particular asana, causing a given effect, but I always emphasize that your YOGA MAT IS YOUR SPACE AND WHAT HAPPENS THERE DEPENDS ENTIRELY ON YOU, as well as how you later move it into your life. And practice radiates to life in a direct way.

The integrity of yoga is another fascinating feature. The five main rules: 1. normal exercise(asany) 2. proper breathing (pranayamy) 3. proper relaxation (sawasana) 4.normal diet (preferably vegetarian) 5. thinking and meditation (wedanta and dhjana). It is impossible to miss any of them to be efficient, authentic and truly 🙂 We are now living in a time when the effects of exploitation, whether at the individual level or the environment, are visibly visible and noticeable. Yoga allows for complete regeneration of the system. Regulation, balance is something necessary for life, and Again I will emphasize that it should cover every sphere: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, because none of them exist alone.




Yoga shows a practical and scientifically developed method of finding the truth. Like any other technology, yoga has its own research methods and maintains that with their help you can get to the heart, the essence, the essence. However, this is only possible if we go beyond the plane of the senses, and the mind, the intellect – will be silenced. Pure Consciousness, the Spirit is always the same, both in man and in minerals. According to the yoga philosophy, something like an inanimate substance does not exist, because everything is subject to consciousness. If there is movement, there must also be the energy that calls it. It is this energy that is the basis of all life. The mind is an instrument, a receiver, a transmitter, a translator, just like the senses. Our true Nature is something much deeper… Each soul learns by trial and error, corrects its mistakes during the ways of life. Any good or bad action bears fruit in the future, everything has consequences. Through various experiences we learn more and more, and by deepening knowledge we also want to know ourselves, the purpose of our lives. It is up to us how far we want to reach, just as the quality of the experience we create depends on us.

I cordially invite you to practice together!



Om Shanti & Prem

Fallow the Sun! 🙂 and Moon! 🙂