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Macrocosm – Microcosm – Pulsations of Energy

The word “Energy” has many meanings. It can refer to certain types of energy, such as electricity, X-rays, light, atomic energy, and it can also refer to subtle pulsations that transfer energy to material structures. These are subtle movements and pulsations that the traditions of the East use in healing. No matter how subtle, tangible the manifestation of energy is, they are all subject to the same laws of motion.

The traditions of the East believe that the foundation of both mental and physical forces in the universe is a whole realm of subtle relationships and flows, and for there to be order, the subtle energies must be in harmony with the realm of the physical world. Every physical, mental imbalance has its origin in the subtle realm.

We can see health as a smooth, harmonious flow, movement of life energy, called prana, chi. One of the basic features of the formation of motion is polarization, the relationship between two opposing poles. In Chinese philosophy, this relationship is referred to as –yin and yang, while in Ayurveda and Yoga there are gunas. Guny is the equivalent of the Chinese concept of yin and yang. Sattva is the neutral ground, the realm that allows energy to move, and is its neutral or balanced aspect present in all polar relationships. Rajas is the positive, yang, expanding phase of the movement, the fiery aspect of the sun. Tamas is the negative, yin, contracting phase of motion, the cool aspect of the moon in the energy circulation cycle. Rajas is the expanding or centrifugal phase and the tamas is contracting, centripetal. Polarization is the principle that initiates movement. One pole is opposed to the other, which is related to it, movement arises as a result of the action of the opposition. Any kind of energy flow does just that. Each atom is positive, negative and neutral energies in a constant flow. These polarities keep the world flowing, but they can also be used to destroy it.

The levels of existence then arise from the gunas, which develop as Mahat (cosmic intelligence) and then Ahamkara or ego consciousness. In the Mahat, the awareness of the totality of existence is constantly present. But this “cosmic” knowledge of the unity of all things is still accompanied by a subtle sense of separation from the Source. On the Ahamkar level, this separation deepens and the ego experiences itself as separate from the world. The energy has traveled so far from Source that conscious contact has been lost and as a result – the ego – or sense of self has arisen. Such a movement of energy appears inside each of us, it is universal and individual at the same time.

Traditional cultures have called the First Source, the first cause of all things, by different names: Tao, God, Brahman, Purusha, etc. From this primal center, the heart of existence itself, emerged the different phases of energy descent, in which the polarity was drawn in its subtle draw into less intense centers. These, on the other hand, transformed the higher vibrating energies into more concentrated forms, to finally manifest themselves in a physical form by passing the next stages. The energies that leave the center must eventually return to the center, so we too have the opportunity to merge with First Source itself.

Energy moves away from the source until the impulse that sets it in motion is exhausted. The form is nothing but the manifestation of the energy emerging from the source. The ancient Chinese used to say that form is on the periphery of reality. At her heart is Tao, the Source. Without the energy center, the source, nothing could exist. On the periphery, energies manifest themselves according to certain patterns that are inscribed in the source as such. This embedding, focusing energy into physical form is necessary as a turning point at which the outer, expanding phase of energy is concentrated and held ready for the inner astringent, return phase.

The physical form is thus on the final edge of the expansion or centrifugal phase of the energy movement. On the “surface of tension” of the cosmic bubble. From there it is possible to return to the source, the first becomes the last and the last becomes the first. Physical form is a necessary phase of this process and is crucial to any spiritual practice. Spirituality and Carnality. Spirit and Matter. Heaven and Earth are closely interconnected. They are one continuous process. We are, in fact, a microcosm that reflects a great universal truths.

Man and Nature, the cycles of nature, God, are not separate systems or spheres but one interconnected and integral pattern of energy. Each part contains a record of the whole and the other way around. The whole is present within the part, just as every cell in the human body contains the information needed to produce a complete being. As above, so below. As in Heaven, so also on Earth.

Thus, the formation of energy in human anatomy reflects the movement of energy in the universe as a whole. At its center we have a game of consciousness that expresses the Source. This game of consciousness – Soul (Atman), the unique expression within each living creature manifests itself in each set of the “game”. There are energy centers that relate to each other according to the quality of energy they emit – the chakras. More here: Chakras and Sound

They are in close relationship with the five elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth.

The three currents that electrify the chakras are: pingala: a spiral current with a positive charge (solar), ida: a spiral current with a negative charge (lunar) and a vertical core current connecting all centers and flowing through the center of the spine – shushumna.

Yoga is HA – THA yoga. Ha – it’s the sun, pingala, THA – it’s the moon, ida. It is about connecting both sides, synchronizing the flow in the energies of the right and left sides of the body, and the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Such action has a huge beneficial effect on energy and human health. Synchronized interconnected parts allow free movement in the backbone (spine), center column; the potential of the energy that flows there is huge and it allows the healing of the body and spirit. The spine is the scaffolding of the whole body, it is connected to all organs, it is a pillar of the nervous system, and it is in this area that all instabilities first become painful in a physical sense. Yoga allows you to connect, elasticize, strengthen, open up and learn to protect this precious pillar and the energy that flows through it.

Human is the Tree of Life